A combinatorial library of lipid nanoparticles for RNA delivery to leukocytes. Adv. Mater

Shape and fluctuations of frustrated self-assembled nano ribbon. Nat. Commun

Nanostructures, faceting, and splitting in nano-to yocto -liter liquid droplets  ACS Nano

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About us: Our team seeks to unfold principles dictating the nanostructure, function and properties of soft molecular assemblies. These are important for understanding mechanisms of biological processes as well as for the development of new functional materials. We use and develop advanced cryogenic electron microscopy techniques (CryoEM) to analyze the often ‘invisible’ morphology and local interactions, and to follow kinetics of soft, self-organizing systems.

Current main research topics include:
* Development and application of Cryo-Electron Microscopy (CryoEM) and Cryo-Electron Tomography (CryoET) to complex fluids
* The structure of milk and unfolded casein proteins
* Shape-selection and one-dimensional self-assembly into ribbons and nanotubes
* Micellar self-assembly
* Development of lipid and protein nanostructured carriers for drug delivery and nanomedicine.
* Structure-function of membrane-remodeling proteins involved in fission, fusion, and antiviral activity