ECIS2020 online Conference and General Assembly, September 7th, 15:00 to 19:00

Dear ECIS members, we are pleased to continue ECIS academic activities, and herein invite you to join the online Afternoon of Colloid and Interface Science with lectures by ECIS prizes recipients for the year 2020. 

Registration is free, but mandatory: Click to Register. The meeting starts at 15:00 (Jerusalem), 14:00 (Rome), 13:00 (London). The general assembly will be held after the lectures. 

Peter Schurtenberger Wilson Poon Peter Kralchevsky
Prof. Peter Schurtenberger

Recipient of the Overbeek Gold Medal 

 Prof. Wilson Poon

Recipient of the ECIS-Solvay Prize

Prof. Peter Kralchevsky

Recipient of the ECIS-Lyklema Prize

Let’s take a spherical horse – a colloid physicists view of protein solutions The colloid and interface science of COVID-19: a survey of ignorance Capillarity and self-assembly
Lecture: 15:05-15:50            CV Lecture: 15:55-16:40            CV Lecture: 16:45- 17:30            CV